Vegetable Soup


Hearty and healthy, the combination of vegetable in broth is perfect for those who want something filling without the guilty bloated feeling after. That’s why most vegetable soups either in can or made from scratch are becoming popular and healthy alternatives to those watching their weight as they are already a meal on their own if consumed in a bigger bowl and eaten with bread or a small serving of pasta. In a small cup, they make a perfect starter as they warm the stomach and help prepare it for a full-course meal. Some vegetable soups like minestrone or the hearty stew vegetarian goulash may be time‑consuming to do, as chopping up the vegetables take a lot of time than consuming a bowl for lunch. 

There are those that are easy to prepare and some in canned forms and take a few steps to prepare, such as cream of broccoli and cream of asparagus.

There are also recipes that call for canned soups, like cream of mushroom soup, which are often used as bases for baked viands and baked pasta sauces. Canned soup, in this case, has a new use, which is as an ingredient for main dishes. They may also be used as base for sauces and other dishes. Those following vegetarian diets may also purchase ready-made vegetable stocks or make their own by boiling onions, carrots, and some celery in water and using the broth for other dishes.

Some thick and hearty soups may be made from first sautéing and then boiling pumpkin or potato in water then pureeing it in a blender or food processor to make a smooth, thick soup. This is how carrot soups and squash soups are made and other ingredients like spice and peas are thrown in. Various techniques and recipes are readily available to make vegetable soup and for some, bigger batches may be made and this may be a meal to last a few days.