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History of Vegetables

Since the beginning of time, man has looked for [...]

Types of Vegetables

Appearing as a rainbow of different colors in your [...]


Nutritional Information of Vegetables

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Vegetable Soup

Hearty and healthy, the combination of vegetable in broth [...]


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Veggie Burgers

Sinking teeth into a big, juicy burger is one [...]

Vegetables as Appetizers

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Vegetable Soup

Hearty and healthy, the combination of vegetable in broth [...]

Canned Vegetables

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Raw Vegan Dishes

Another form of veganism is raw veganism, which excludes [...]

Vegan Dishes

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Culinary Uses of Vegetables


There are a lot of vegetables in the market, and so often, there will be a lot of vegetable recipes to be found anywhere–online, in books, newspapers, magazines, or even the friend you always trade recipes with. There’s also a constant challenge of how to make them more palatable to those who gag at the sight or thought of consuming anything with leaves, so recipes are being created to make vegetable-eating a better experience than the popular assumption of it being boring.

Since vegetables contain low calories and low fat, we can consume a lot without the feeling of our stomachs bursting after. Salads are often light lunchtime or supper meals for those who aren’t really hungry come mealtime but wouldn’t want to skip meals. Soup may be a heartier option for those who want a bit more warmth, especially on a cold day. Vegetables may be chopped up and added to broth, pureed for a thick, smooth soup like carrot and pea soup mixed with healthy herbs like Basil or creamy like the classic cream of asparagus soup.



As vegetables are light on the stomach, they may be also included in healthy appetizers in parties or gatherings. They may be sliced to sticks and dipped on ranch sauce or used as toppings, like in bruschetta. Bruschetta also makes a light breakfast for those on the go or a perfect accompaniment to pasta. Vegetables may also appear in savory dishes, stews, and main courses, for those who want more of them. They may be the star of the show, such as all-vegetable stir-fries and stews like vegetarian goulash. If meat is the main attraction, then they may appear as garnishing, spice, or an added crunch, tang, or sweetness to the rich taste of meat. Also, it’s a great way to boost nutritional value and to get children to eat vegetables.

There are also raw food recipes for those strictly following raw vegan diets. Vegetables like jicama have been substitutes for cooked rice. There are salads and salad dressings to make and mix, even creating a new concoction from a salad bar or on your own kitchen may be a new recipe to discover. Those who prefer using heat to their food have a lot of options such as baking, grilling, sautéing, and roasting, and even applying techniques otherwise used for meat dishes to vegetables. These recipes boost nutrition content in the daily diet as well as providing meals that are delicious and enjoyed by everyone.